How Can we Enable Privacy in an Age of Surveillance and Big Data Analytics?

Carl E. Landwehr (George Washington University & LeMoyne College)

Even though some seem to think privacy is dead, we are all still wearing clothes, as Bruce Schneier observed at a recent conference on surveillance. Yet big data and big data analytics are leaving some of us feeling a bit more naked than before. This talk will provide some personal observations on privacy today and then outline some research areas where progress is needed to enable society to gain the benefits of analyzing large datasets without giving up more privacy than necessary.

About Carl E. Landwehr
Carl Landwehr is a Lead Research Scientist at George Washington University and McDevitt Visiting Professor of Computer Science at LeMoyne College. He edits the security and privacy Viewpoints column for Communications of the ACM and has served as Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine. At LeMoyne, he has developed a new course for undergraduates entitled “Cybersecurity for Future Presidents.” Current interests include understanding privacy research needs and fostering the creation of industry-based building codes for reducing security vulnerabilities in critical systems. Dr. Landwehr is a Fellow of the IEEE for contributions to cybersecurity and is a member of the National Cybersecurity Hall of Fame.