HotPETs Keynote: Thank You for Protecting Human Rights

Dan "Blah" Meredith

I will share real world stories of how privacy-enhancing technologies protect the basic human rights of everyday people in places where these rights are abused daily. By focusing on technologies you know and your right to freedom of expression and information, I hope to: impart why these technologies are crucial for the people living within more than 50 countries whose free expression is regularly suppressed, introduce some areas I think we could be doing more, provide some on-ramps for people in the room to get involved, and make plenty of space for audience driven discussion at the end.

About Dan Meredith
Dan “Blah” Meredith is the founding Director of the Open Technology Fund (OTF), a program of Radio Free Asia created in 2012 to support global Internet freedom and privacy-enhancing technologies. Before OTF, he was senior producer and technologist for the Al Jazeera Network and a senior technology fellow at New America Foundation. Notable projects that the OTF has supported include The Tor Project, Open Whisper Systems, Cryptocat, GlobaLeaks, Tor2web, The Guardian Project, Commotion Wireless, Lantern, Serval Project, Briar, NoScript, Qubes OS, and Tails. Over the past decade, Dan has identified as an activist, technologist, journalist, and now funder exploring emerging trends intersecting human rights, transparency, global communication policy and technology, information security, and the Internet.