Security & Privacy Week 2016 in Darmstadt, Germany offers a whole week of many exciting events surrounding the topics security & privacy, hosted by the Technische Universität Darmstadt. This website will contain the schedule for all conferences and workshops in the Security & Privacy Week.

If you notice any problems or errors with the page or the contents of the schedule, contact Max Maass.

Happening right now:

ACM WiSec 2016
Introduction: Android Side-Channel Attacks and Defenses14:00-14:05Darmstadtium, Vanadium2 2.02
Exploiting Data-Usage Statistics for Website Fingerprinting Attacks on Android14:05-14:30Darmstadtium, Vanadium2 2.02
Short: Can Android Applications Be Identified Using Only TCP/IP Headers of Their Launch Time Traffic?14:30-14:45Darmstadtium, Vanadium2 2.02
Slogger: Smashing Motion-based Touchstroke Logging with Transparent System Noise14:45-15:10Darmstadtium, Vanadium2 2.02
Mini-Panel: Android Side-Channel Attacks and Defenses15:10-15:30Darmstadtium, Vanadium2 2.02
IFIP TM 2016
Student Symposium - Lecture Session 214:00-15:30Rundeturmstr, Room 18
EuroUSEC 2016
Keynote: Cyber Security and what is really happening out there14:00-14:45Darmstadtium, Germanium 3.03
“It Is a Topic That Confuses Me” – Privacy Perceptions in Usage of Location-Based Applications14:45-15:15Darmstadtium, Germanium 3.03
Users Protect Their Privacy If They Can: Determinants of Webcam Covering Behavior15:15-15:45Darmstadtium, Germanium 3.03
Panel: "Privacy-preserving decentralization: what challenges are lying ahead?"14:00-15:30Darmstadtium, Helium 3.09
PLLS 2016
Long-Lived Verifiable Multi-Party Computation14:00-14:30Darmstadtium, Radon 3.05
An Unconditionally Hiding Auditing Procedure for Multi-Party Computations14:30-15:00Darmstadtium, Radon 3.05
On The Impossibilty Of Tight Cryptographic Reductions15:00-15:30Darmstadtium, Radon 3.05
SPMED 2016
ReliancePoint: A Foundation for Scalable & Secure Computation over Privacy-Sensitive Shared Data14:00-14:45Darmstadtium, Neon 3.08
A Breakthrough in Anonymity X Utility for Anonymized Analytics14:45-15:30Darmstadtium, Neon 3.08
Infer 2016
Profile Matching Across Unstructured Online Social Networks13:10-13:30Darmstadtium, Hassium 3.02
Keynote: Natural Language Processing and Privacy: A Double-Edged Sword13:30-14:20Darmstadtium, Hassium 3.02
Keynote: Cryptography for People14:20-15:10Darmstadtium, Hassium 3.02
Privacy-Related Consequences of Turkish Citizen Database Leak15:10-15:40Darmstadtium, Hassium 3.02

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