Security & Privacy Week 2016 in Darmstadt, Germany offers a whole week of many exciting events surrounding the topics security & privacy, hosted by the Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt. This website will contain the schedule for all conferences and workshops in the Security & Privacy Week.

If you notice any problems or errors with the page or the contents of the schedule, contact Max Maass.

Happening right now:

PETS 2016
Lunch12:30-14:00Darmstadtium, Foyer 3.11
IFIP TM 2016
Lunch12:30-14:00Rundeturmstr, i.f.o Room 18
The Dark Side of Digitalization
Lunch12:45-14:15Darmstadtium, Foyer 3.11
CrossFyre 2016
Cryptographic algorithms: current trends and security primitives13:30-14:00Darmstadtium, Neon 3.08
Multi-layer partial homomorphic encryption text steganography14:00-14:30Darmstadtium, Neon 3.08

Check today's timetable for more information.